About Just Rated

Supporting local businesses is its own reward

Our mission

JustRated Birmingham is the new talk of Birmingham and your local business guide; we do all the hard work in finding recommended businesses and promoting them through different marketing channels.

Our vision

Our vision is to bring the top rated businesses to the local community.

Businesses, nonprofit organizations and local people choose to participate in JustRated Birmingham for a variety of reasons. Membership offers an exciting opportunity to:

  • promote local business activity
  • raise awareness that a thriving local economy means jobs and a diversity of businesses
  • shopping, dining, and cultural opportunities
  • support the important work being carried out by our community's non-profit organisation

The mission of JustRated is to:

  1. support locally owned businesses & non-profit organisation
  2. further relationships among local people, businesses and non-profit organisation
  3. provide opportunities for entrepreneurs
  4. build community economic strength

Thanks for Supporting JustRated Birmingham!