Greg De Tisi Life And Small Business Coaching in Bristol

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Greg De Tisi 1ON1 Global Life and Small Business Coaching. No Matter What You Want To Achieve Greg Has The Solution. FREE 45 minute powerful consultation with Greg to help you get success...Greg provides 1ON1 personal life and small business coaching. He has a global client base ranging from executives, musicians, actors, work at home, and students. Greg teaches personally but also has self study courses. Greg also has 7 books designed to help you gain success in any area. You can receive a free 45 in-depth minute consultation with Greg to help you to establish what you want to achieve and why You will find free powerful videos and trainings also at Greg's website for you to study. Greg looks forward to helping you to become his next success story. . Greg is different because he has built his own business by himself and knows what it takes to create sustainable success and wealth. Greg is a personal down to earth and friendly Coach who cares only about the client and he works to help the client define clearly their passions and skills. Greg works closely and powerfully with the client until progress is made. He makes a full guarantee that if the client is not 100% satisfied he will not continue. Greg is only interested in what is right for you. If he feels as though the client needs a different type of help then he will refer you to another professional or expert. Greg has worked as a Coach for over 7 years in Bristol working online in marketing, branding, personal growth and attraction. As well as positioning the client. Greg also works with the client to master their mind with powerful mindset training. Greg is so sure he can help you to change your life that he will fully refund you if you are not totally satisfied. Please look at his testimonials section where you will see many global clients who are fully satisfied with his trainings. . Our business is organised in the following way. Greg established his coaching website as he was already working online coaching clients with online business. He decided to expand his company by teaching in his core passion of attraction, self growth and business growth. Greg has worked online since 2007 and has developed his coaching and marketing business with his 7 new books. Although Greg is based in Bristol he teaches clients globally using skype. He does have 1ON1 coaching at his home also. . Greg's target customers are anyone who has dreams and aspirations to live a greater or more fulfilled life. Whether this means more money, more time, more confidence, more mind control, setting up a new business or starting a new career greg has the tools to help you succeed very quickly. Customers would be executives, students, career minded, open minded customers who want to a new direction. Greg is a qualified life coach, NLP coach, Attraction coach, small online business expert. With Greg's highly successful experience in his own business success and that of others he can quickly identify what areas need changing. Greg starts with the customer and works back to the product or service to help businesses identify weaknesses and strengths. Greg's experience is in eBook eBay eCommerce, Affiliate marketing, Blogging, List building, Branding, Social media marketing, membership site creation and online income generation. You the customer will have access to the very latest and most sophisticated trainings up to date and flexible. As times change continually Greg is always developing and mastering trends in order to be the most effective coach he can be . Greg loves the word personal. And that's how he likes to keep it. Greg works one on one although his partner organises his systems and tech areas. Greg coaches, updates social media and sends personal messages as well as writes ebooks and creates videos for business daily. Greg manages his time working with people personally. He keeps his focus clearly on the client. As of yet Greg doesn't have awards as such but more satisfied testimonials globally which can be seen at his website. Greg prides himself in the personal touch so it is more important to him that an individual is happy. You can contact any of Greg's personal testimonials and ask them how they found their experiences with Greg as their Coach .

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