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We specialise in local business marketing, helping your business "Get there first, more often." We do this with animated videos, social media, email marketing and WordPress site security, optimisation and WP SEO. Contact us for a free consultation...I provide Marketing Consulting services for local and small businesses. I also specialise in creating Animated Videos for businesses, as well as video marketing, digital marketing, online marketing, email marketing and a program called the WordPress Safety Net (WPSN). WPSN is for you if you already have a WP site, but feel frustrated that what you DON'T know about WP is holding you back, leaving your site vulnerable and unsecure and costing you sales. We can help - with WP security, back up, the right plugins and SEO. Simple seo tasks like submit a website to a business directory are all taken care of to increase business leads to your company. We specialise in helping local and small businesses because we ARE one too! There are loads of marketing "experts" out there, telling you to use this program or that one, but NO ONE is explaining how to integrate all aspects of marketing (email, online, video, social media, website), or explaining how they should all flow together to ensure continuity in your online presence and your marketing strategy. Blunt Brit Marketing does!. We've been in the marketing industry for over 18 years. We are located in the Cambridge, UK area, but have clients around the world. We work with small business and local business owners, primarily in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. One of our clients is a professional Massage Therapist in the US. She wanted to rank on Google specifically for "chair massage". We created an animated video about her chair massage services, and, through proper SEO and video description, her video is in the #1 spot on Google for "chair massage" in her city. When a video is optimised correctly and backlinked the right way, these results can be achieved for virtually any industry. This is where our expertise comes in!. Increase Brand Awareness with Animated Videos: In other words, how Animated Videos help your bottom line. 1. Rank higher on Google. 2. Low cost, High ROI (Return on Investment). 3. Showcase your brand in a fun, laid-back, non-sales-y way. 4. Fun and Easy to share on Social Media. 5. Showcase your personality. Special offer through 1st September 2014: 50% off a 90-second animated video! For more information, visit infoHow WordPress Safety Net will save you time, tears, stress and sweat if you already have a WordPress site: You can’t be expected to know everything about WordPress when you start but what you don’t know CAN hurt you, your business and your image. We’ve been through it all. From starting with WordPress several years ago to seeing thousands of plugins, services and courses offered. Most of which have absolutely no use for most WP users. Whether you are a Do-It-Yourselfer or have been using WP for a while, the time involved in protecting your site, learning what is new and implementing best practices can be a full time job. And it is. Ours. That’s why we put this program together so YOU can focus on what YOU do best; your own business. And we can focus on protecting it, monitoring it and getting it seen first more often.more info

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