IT Woodwork Limited in Bristol

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The business builds and installs high quality bespoke kitchens and cabinets from sustainable materials in Bristol, Bath and the Cotswolds...We provide hand built wooden kitchens and alcove cabinets that are designed by our own designers and are always unique and original. We also meticulously install all of our own cabinets with the same attention to details that our workshop team employ. We are different because our strict environmental policy ensures that we are having a positive impact on our environment. We use only the most sustainable natural materials and actively promote reuse and recycling of existing materials. We are providing the highest possible quality at the lowest price ensuring a niche position below other top of the range manufacturers. Our business is organised in the following way. We are a small family business run since 2007 by two friends who recently have brought 2 brothers and a father into the business. We have a workshop team of 5, an installation team of 2 and an office team of 2. We started as a partnership but have been a limited company since 2010. We sell mainly within Bristol, Bath and the Cotswolds but will often travel South into Somerset and Wiltshire. Our clients are all private home owners often working on extensive renovation project or new builds. Our staff our trained in Joinery and cabinet making and we have an onsite fine furniture maker for the more detailed projects. We also have a skilled designer trained in the use of CAD and two highly skilled site fitters for installations. We have an apprenticeship program running with Bristol College and take on an annual apprentice in Bench joinery. Our customer facing staff are our designer Sam who meets our clients at the beginning of a project and works with them to put their kitchen vision into reality and our installers Charlie and Joe who beautifully install all our kitchens and make sure they are always on hand to answer any questions and help organise the trades as they happen. Our customers tend to be both the client and the architect as we work with both to achieve the end result. A recent client of ours building an eco house in Stroud was using an architect who is famous for producing programmes on sustainable building for channel four,this has provided us with a new experience and opportunity to work more in the sustainable new build and passive house industry. Another recent passive house that we were involved with just one the South West building excellence award.

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