Reward Card

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Announcing the BRAND NEW Justrated Reward Card with exclusive savings, discounts and special offers for both shopping goods and services from all participating businesses,

so you can have a special offer even when it is not available to other people, just because you are a loyal shopper spending your money participating businesses and supporting the economy of Local businesses (and the wider economy of Walsall) who now reward and support their customers with a Reward card which is FREE ! .


Don't miss out on special offers in your local town or spend any more money than you need to, make sure you claim your exclusive discounts off advertised prices and get discounts other people simply will not know about by claiming your free

JustRated Reward Card,

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Now shopping for goods and services in your local town, can save you cash as well as time travelling and fuel costs !

For your FREE JustRated Reward Card and more detailed information, you can contact any of the participating businesses.

The card is a brilliant idea and the more people who use it, the better the offers and discounts will be, with even more businesses wanting to reward lots of loyal shoppers, so everybody will win, Yes it is about time the Local community all pulled together and the Reward Card is brilliant...