#ThankYouIwata: Tributes Pour In For Nintendo's President

Tributes for Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata, who has died from cancer at the age of 55, have been flooding in on social media.

Since Nintendo announced the news on Monday morning, tributes to the self-confessed “gamer at heart” have sent the hashtag #ThankYouIwata trending on Twitter.

One Twitter user, AnYlien, said: “#ThankYouIwata for putting a little magic and colour in our grey world” with another, Zumii, adding: “#ThankYouIwata you made my childhood a great one!” On Instagram, onceuponadavid posted: “Its crazy but I am incredibly sad #ThankYouIwata your work defined my life.”

Here are some of the most moving and poignant tributes:

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Goodbye, RIP and #ThankYouIwata for putting a little magic and colour in our grey world.

— Chaos-Bunny (@AnYlein) July 13, 2015 nintendo

As a Game collector & #GamerGate supporter, I will miss Mr. Iwata very much. Set your differences aside & play games. #ThankYouIwata

— Trevgauntlet (@Trevgauntlet) July 13, 2015 nintendo

I hold nintendo and all their games close to my heart. They are a part of who I am. #ThankYouIwata you gave me many memories of having fun

— Spunkster (@SpunkyShep) July 13, 2015 nintendo fhedht Photograph: @the_moviebob/Twitter

#ThankYouIwata for keeping handhelds alive

— Zunk (@ZunkBunk) July 13, 2015

Beautiful fan art, genuinely brought a tear to my eye #ThankYouIwata pic.twitter.com/U2xndlhVZd

— Kutski (@Kutski) July 13, 2015

#thankyouiwata for making me love video games again. Sad to see you go. pic.twitter.com/CuGKWogn41

— Neorice (@Neoriceisgood) July 13, 2015

Our generation will not forget you Thank you, #ThankYouIwata

— ???? Cule (@Shanab0o) July 13, 2015


— Aaron Greenberg (@aarongreenberg) July 13, 2015

#ThankYouIwata for all your hard work! pic.twitter.com/oN0b66YPt8

— ?REENeenee! (@megumegane) July 13, 2015

#ThankYouIwata for all things you're made for us. We will never forget you.. Rest in peace.. pic.twitter.com/36B3JQnHO6

— ??? ?? (@_TwilightQueen) July 13, 2015 nintendo

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