Innovation In Funding 2015-2016: MakeMeASuccess

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After being unceremoniously let go by my employer, I had two choices. Work in a call centre or set up my own business.

It took five minutes to register MakeMeASuccess – I had no plan, no funds, and no clue what I was doing. With no cash, I walked everywhere and at one of my first meetings I realised my left shoe had a hole in it. I was broke and desperate, which is the last impression you want to bestow on a potential client.

After borrowing a desk, I set up business in my bedroom. Using a free ticket to a startup exhibition, I spoke to everyone that would respond to my smile. After having travelled quite a bit in my 20s, I’d picked up some bartering skills and put that talent to good use.

I got funding for my website, and a discount from a printer to get business cards. For anything I couldn’t afford using my overdraft, I suggested an exchange of services and it worked.

Following advice from the Money Saving Expert website, I tackled my personal debt and saved where I could. I approached a business coach with a bid for one third of her costs. Surprisingly, after a great conversation, she accepted and I’ve learned a lot.

Through my startup journey, I learned that free courses, and doing everything yourself only gets you so far. I ask for more, negotiate lower prices for better quality, accept advice and keep hitting my goals.

Kirsten Rees is the owner of MakeMeASuccess.

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