BBC's Robert Peston And Eddie Mair Get Twitter Seeing Double

The news that Robert Peston and Eddie Mair are to host a Radio 4 show together was greeted with glee by their fans – and has given rise to a meme comparing them to other famous double acts.

The fun began when the duo appeared together on the cover of Radio Times:

Robert Peston and Eddie Mair on the cover of Radio Times Robert Peston and Eddie Mair on the cover of Radio Times. Photograph: Radio Times

One of Mair’s colleagues than put together a montage of famous double acts, which the PM presenter tweeted:

A colleague, inspired by the new @RadioTimes has put this together. Join Hooch and me Monday at 11pm @bbcradio4

— Eddie Mair (@eddiemair) June 3, 2015

That inevitably led to a flood of tributes from their Twitter followers, many of which the pair retweeted. Monkey compiles some of Mair’s best retweets below.

@eddiemair @RadioTimes @BBCRadio4

— Alexzander McBeath (@Eckie_boy) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair @RadioTimes @BBCRadio4

— Goatboy (@oogachagga) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair @RadioTimes @BBCRadio4

— The Pink Lady (@studyinpink1) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair @RadioTimes @BBCRadio4

— Phil Taylor (@pstni) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair @BBCRadio4 @Peston

— Alexzander McBeath (@Eckie_boy) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair @RadioTimes @BBCRadio4

— Paul Pilkington (@paulpilkington) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair uncanny ...

— Laura Schofield (@lorralou) June 3, 2015

@Peston @eddiemair @BBCRadio4 With thanks to @Jimllpaintit

— Sean (@Crushtot) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair @RadioTimes @BBCRadio4

— Ed Webb (@Beardy_Ed) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair @RadioTimes @BBCRadio4 Fandabydozy!

— The Alien Cormorant (@alancormack) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair @RadioTimes @BBCRadio4

— mrianthomas (@mrianthomas) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair @peston

— Kev Doyle (@KevSkerretDoyle) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair @Peston I'm torn between these two.

— NickySian (@nickysian) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair my favourite

— EdithBleasedale (@EdithBleasedale) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair @Peston Anyone done this yet? If not, why not?

— Jason Sinclair (@jlsinc) June 3, 2015


— Jim Kelleher (@UncleBooBoo) June 3, 2015

@Peston @RadioTimes @eddiemair ??

— Susan Irvine Russam (@SusanRussam) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair @Peston

— Trev Ellis (@GingertrevTrev) June 4, 2015

@eddiemair @Peston @RadioTimes

— Rachel Shelley (@RachelShelley) June 4, 2015

@eddiemair @peston

— Mark (@chislehurst) June 4, 2015

@Peston @eddiemair

— Pamela Gordon (@practicalpam) June 4, 2015

@Peston @eddiemair

— Luke Burstow (@LukeBurstow) June 4, 2015

@eddiemair @RadioTimes @BBCRadio4 @Peston Berk and Hair? :-)

— percy dashwood (@percydashwood) June 4, 2015

@Peston @eddiemair Which one of you two will ultimately be replaced by a St Bernard dog?

— James MacRae (@jamesmacrae) June 4, 2015

@eddiemair @Peston

— HT. (@HumanTourniquet) June 4, 2015

@eddiemair @Peston

— Paulee (@Roydsterdoyster) June 4, 2015

@eddiemair @Peston @BBCRadio4

— iPud (@RPuds) June 4, 2015

@eddiemair @Peston @BBCRadio4 My final effort. Possibly the most accurate?!

— Moss (@Mossflorist) June 5, 2015

@eddiemair @RadioTimes @BBCRadio4 @peston

— Andy (@DERBY5HIRE) June 5, 2015

BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones couldn’t resist getting in on the act:

@eddiemair @Peston @RadioTimes @BBCRadio4

— Rory Cellan-Jones (@ruskin147) June 3, 2015

Peston also got in on the act:

@RadioTimes @eddiemair @Peston

— Mr Wobbly (@SirWobbly) June 3, 2015

@Peston @RadioTimes @eddiemair

— Matthew Miles (@MatthewMiles) June 3, 2015

@eddiemair @Peston

— Quentin Howard (@quentindab) June 4, 2015

@Peston @eddiemair

— Matt Wilson (@lingard13) June 4, 2015

@eddiemair @Peston :)

— Sh1r McC (@__ShirMcC__) June 4, 2015

@eddiemair @peston

— Ice Crystal (@ice_crystal) June 4, 2015

This looks worryingly like @Peston @eddiemair @BBCRadio4 @RadioTimes

— Gavin Marshall (@gavinmarshall1) June 4, 2015

@eddiemair @peston

— patrick mccafferty (@mccaffepj) June 4, 2015

@Peston The truth..

— Jason (@GotALightBoy) June 4, 2015

@eddiemair @Peston sorry but I think this is the best!

— EdithBleasedale (@EdithBleasedale) June 4, 2015

His favourite was an image of Sooty and Sweep:

My personal favourite

— Robert Peston (@Peston) June 4, 2015

All great fun – and brilliant promotion for the show, which starts on Monday at 11am – although Twitter users inked by the flood of images will be glad to hear that Peston has returned to tweeting about the Greek debt crisis.

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