Nick Tate Professional Hypnotherapy in Wokingham

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Qualified hypnotherapist offers private and confidential service....We provide Help stopping smoking, weight loss, fear and phobia control techniques as well as stress and anxiety management. There are also a number of special packages for interview preparation, fertility support and wedding speeches.. We are different because I am able to offer a range of techniques and approaches, and to ensure the effectiveness for each client I create a bespoke approach to all presentations. This increases the effectiveness for you and increases the success of treatment.. I am I dependant therapist which means you will only ever deal with me directly therefore there is no need to have to explain to people over and over again what you need support with before getting to speak to the right person.. I have created interest in all areas, to included business clients, private clients, job seekers, brides and grooms, and students. Based in Berkshire, but on the Surrey, Hampshire borders.. I am a qualified Hypnotherapist, with experience in NLP techniques. Previous to establishing this business I have worked for 20 years in industry, working with and developing a wide range of people.. I am a member of the Association of Professional Hypnotherapist and Phycotherapy.. Due to the confidential nature of the business I am unable to provide specific information about clients. However, I have had a number of successes in a range of areas..

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