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The business is the top independently rated therapists and counsellors in Stockport and the northwest. Based in Didsbury, within 2 miles of Stockport, Specialists in anxiety, panic, insomnia, bad habits, phobia, IBS, emotional problems and confidence. Their results are second to none...We provide hypnotherapy and counselling in Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire. We have the highest independently verified ratings of any therapists or counsellors in the north or northwest. We specialize in anxiety, phobia, panic, insomnia, bad habits, emotional problems, and psychosomatic illness. We have been practising since 2007. We see clients from Stockport, Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire and frequently see clients from all parts of the UK, including Newcastle, Brighton, Yorkshire, and Wales. All our therapists are fully qualified, insured and registered. Counselling and hypnotherapy to help you deal with stress and anxiety. Relaxation techniques and hypnosis to help you switch off and cope better. All phobias are in fact treated in the same way, using a technique which has been successful in clinical practice for over 60 years. Fear of flying, needle phobia, emetophobia (fear of being sick), claustrophobia and fear of spiders are frequently seen by us, but whatever your phobia, we can help.We are specialists in the treatment of fear of public speaking, interviews and presentations. We see at least 3 clients each week with this very common fear, and have fantastic resultsAlthough many people are aware of hypnosis to stop smoking and lose weight, most do not realize that it is often used for pain relief. At Stockport Hypnotherapy we treat many clients with serious illness and injury, as well as those recovering from surgery, to reduce their pain and discomfort, and to give them coping strategies.

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