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Laser up provides a wide range of IPL treatments and tattoo removal at unbeatable prices! Visit our website to find out more. We provide IPL hair removal for legs, back, face, bikini, chest hair and Tattoo Removal at unbeatable prices. We are different because we offer a completely FREE consultation and we keep our prices cheap to ensure customers get the best offer. The machines we use are the top of the range Lynton CE certified machines, which means we can deliver the best possible results at the cheapest prices. Our business is organised in the following way. It was established in march 2014 by Hollie Elaine who is the sole trader. Hollie is certified by University of manchester in advanced skin and laser treatments. Lasered up is situated inside of Angels @ Holey Skin tattoo studio. We sell in laser treatments. We cover the whole body in IPL, we also do vascular and pigmented lesions, acne scarring and stretch marks to name a few. We also remove tattoos safely with the use of a laser. Our target audience is the whole of the south west. Our staff our trained in advanced skin and laser applications which benefits clients by knowing they are getting the best possible treatments from trained staff! . Our customer facing staff are just one hollie herself which means the business has a welcoming feel to it, customer rapport is easily build when its a one to one basis and as a lot of customers can feel embarrassed about problematic areas they want lasered it brings that much more privacy and discretion being a sole trading business. A typical customer experience would be for an individual to visit us for their FREE consultation, we will go through all safety aspects the client will need to be aware of, discuss our target outcome and start doing treatments to achieve that. We welcome feedback from clients as this helps us achieve exactly what they desire that much more effectively. We keep in touch with clients in between treatments to ensure the healing process is going how we would expect and the client is not experiencing any adverse reactions. The removal of hair using a long pulsed laser. We can treat hair in various places on the body. Our most common areas are; legs, under arms, bikini, chest, back, upper lip etc. We can treat any unwanted tattoos with the use of a short pulse q-switched laser. We treat a wide range of pigment colours and see a great reaction from most. Black reacts best and leaves the skin looking as new.

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