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Custom training courses that are tailored for the not-for-profit sector...We provide bespoke on-site training designed to meet the requirements of individual organisations. Relevant and current, our cost effective management, customer care, retail, strategy and IT courses and workshops offer a tangible return to all our clients. . We are different because all our trainers and consultants have practical experience of life in the not-for-profit sector. Some as senior staff, some as volunteers and others who have been both. We speak the language of the 3rd sector, understand the day to day challenges and have solutions that work in the real world.. Our business is organised in the following way. Trainers are specialists in the subjects that they deliver. The business is a partnership that commenced to trade in 1993. The owners are hands on, delivering several of the courses, all of which are tailored to meet individual client needs. From our base in Cheshire we have trainers able to cover the UK, and when required, on site overseas in the middle east, south east Asia and eastern Europe all areas where we have delivered training in the recent past.. We offer our services to all not for profit organisations, charities and relevant government bodies across the UK.. Our staff have all been involved in training for not less than 10 years. This brings a solid foundation of proven knowledge to each and every client. Our IT trainers are Microsoft trained, able to relate to all levels of student capability and to pass on knowledge and know how in a friendly, empathetic manner.. All our staff are customer facing. We see it as essential that everyone in the business has a focus on quality customer care. We are members of the Charity Retail Organisation. Each of our trainers has multiple personal qualifications.. Our average customer satisfaction score in 2012 was 95.7%. We ask and receive feedback after each and every course delivered, factoring many of the individual delegate suggestions into our ever evolving course formats.. All Microsoft office products. Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint. From introduction to advanced. Each course customized to individual organisation requirementsmore infoOur Management Training Programme develops business and management skills, combining a knowledge and understanding of business with management best practice. Whatever background you are from, whatever stage you have reached in your management career, we have a learning experience suitable for you. Our participants work with and learn from, experienced, pragmatic trainers, benefiting at first hand from their unique and practical backgrounds. All of our courses are designed to make the most of your time, and to provide you with an experience you will never replace – and never forget. If leadership and management development are key objectives for you, we are your first choice for 3rd sector and not-for-profit management development training. more infoMeet today’s challenge, design tomorrow’s success Successful leaders achieve the right results by gaining the support and confidence of their team and by inspiring each member to develop the confidence to realise their full potential. During this highly participative course you will discover how to achieve the highest level of performance from your team by adapting your leadership style to match the needs of different individuals and different situations. Who will benefit? Anyone responsible for leading, motivating and managing other people or who is about to assume a people management role for the first time, will benefit from attending this programme. Key learning points • Develop and maintain your personal authority as a leader – understand your own ‘natural’ style and how to modify it to get the most from different individuals and different situations • Give clear direction to your team by planning, implementing and reviewing their work – set clear objectives and regularly engage with each team member • Motivate your team – understand that people are motivated by different things and use both traditional and new methods to inspire, incentivise and motivate your team for best performance • Build strong personal relationships – apply the right interpersonal skills to individual situations more infoThis course is designed for delegates from all sectors who have a need to understand financial statements and principles in order to improve their own knowledge and benefit their area of responsibility within the organisation. The course can be a one day or two day course depending on whether you want to cover Building effective budgets or Cash-flow forecasts or both. By the end of the two day course delegates should be able to understand and build effective budgets and understand and interpret cash flow statements.more infon today’s demanding world organisational change is a requirement for first survival, and then success. Organisational change is needed to address innovations, new technology, shifting customer and state demands, and other business critical issues. This change management course will give you the tools to prepare yourself to communicate and engage your staff and volunteers through change in the organisation.more info It doesn't matter if you have one store, ten stores, or a hundred retail locations, your results will only be as strong as the personnel at each level of your organisation. Whether it is your retail store managers, field managers, or voluntary supervisors, Charity Training Services has the experience, knowledge, and retail relevant course content you need to drive better resultsmore infoThis course is suitable for anyone who deals with customers both internal and external. By the end of the course you will: understand the difference between the customer needs and the organisational needs; understand the concept of the organisation's image; understand how people should be treated when they visit or telephone your organisation; gain an understanding of communication skills and body language; address the issues of dealing with difficult and aggressive customemore infoThis course is designed to introduce participants to the essential techniques and structures involved in sales. Practical exercises are used to ensure that participants can employ their newly learnt skills immediately and to develop their levels of confidence. This Introduction to Sales course provides the bedrock for all successful selling roles. • Understand the motivations behind why people buy • Apply an indispensable sales structure • Recognise the importance of questioning techniques • Effectively link features, advantages and benefits • Handle objections successfully • Identify when and how to close ? more infoWhat every charity, no matter the size needs to know about raising support and funds from the corporate sector and optimising the potential of their supporter base. These courses are designed to provide advice, tools, and techniques to implement best practice within your organisation. Designed to offer managers insight into each aspect of the fundraising spectrum, we have structured these relevant and practical courses around proven methodologies that have a track record of excellence. Organisations of any size will benefit from the courses, whether you more infoThe objective of the course is to ensure that each delegate has a clear understanding of the importance of their role in the overall sales process. This Sales for Income Generation Sales Staff course has been designed to provide the participants with some essential sales techniques. Additionally it will help them to appreciate the contribution they are making to the work of the charity, and by doing so enable them to communicate this to customers/donors thus promoting the charity brand and begin a long term customer relationship. Who should attend? Income generation staff responsible for sales to external customers. Pre-requisites Basic previous sales experience By the end of the course, participants will be able to: • Understand their role in the sales process • Demonstrate a more proactive approach to selling • Recognise the importance of effective questioning techniques • Handle objections more confidently • Close a sale with empathy! • Opening the sale • An introduction to body language • Overcoming objections • Upselling • Closing the sale more infoWho should attend this session? Fundraisers from charities who are looking to access and secure funding from local and national companies, while also working with their supporter base Learning outcomes By the end of the session fundraisers will be able to: • Identify potential business ‘partners’ • Demonstrate an understanding of how to attract corporate support • Be able to build strong relationships with the business and supporter community • Finding and researching potential business partners • Getting your project or service information ready • Making an approach: best practice • Following up and managing the relationship more infoFulfil your potential. Challenge your staff and volunteers to fulfil theirs. The Charity Training Services Personal Development courses increase efficiencies, encourages loyalty to the organisation, enhances job satisfaction and reduces staff turnover, offering an excellent return on investment to any participating organisation. The Charity Training Personal Development Courses have been created in acknowledgement of the multitude of demands staff in the not-for-profit sector face. Where a great number of staff and volunteers work long hours with the best of intentions, when working smarter would be better for them personally and professionally. These courses help gain an insight in to how to manage some of the stress points and challenges of day to day life in the 3rd sector. more info Sometimes hard work and long hours aren't enough to keep you on top of it all, and progress your objectives. There simply doesn't seem to be enough time. You need new tactics to help you work smarter not harder, meet your deadlines and reduce the pressure effectively. This time management training course is for Busy Professionals and Managers who want to be even more effective, and do more of what really matters in business. In one day you'll discover how you can achieve more, feel less overwhelmed and make time really work for you. Do you...... • Feel frustrated at the end of the day, and haven't done half the things you wanted? • Have more on your 'to do' list than you can get done? • Know what you should be doing but just can't seem to get around to doing it? • Want more 'life' in your 'work/life' balance? Would you and your organisation benefit if you could..... • Handle your projects and deadlines in a timely way? • Make more progress on your goals? • Feel less frustrated and overwhelmed? • Feel more in control and more fulfilled? If you've answered 'YES' to any of the above - this Time Management course is tailor made for you! You'll discover proven techniques and tips you can adapt to your particular work situation. You can try them out immediately, making a real difference to the daily pressure and your results. How much is it costing you now to NOT manage your time effectively? • Discover the 5 'Secrets' essential to managing your time well • Identify your top time wasters and how to tackle them • Tips for setting and achieving goals (including the SMART model) • Discover new ways to prioritise and make better choices • Develop and use a simple time planning system that works • Tips for handling email and the paper deluge more infoWhen was the last time you had to deal with a difficult customer? It was probably an external customer but perhaps it was an internal customer, such as a member of your team, a colleague or even - your boss! We are sure that you always want to provide exceptional service to both your internal and external customers. However, in the real world, things go wrong and mistakes are made. These "customers" will often judge your level of service based on how you respond to a mistake. Do it well and they'll probably forgive you and possibly even say positive things about your organisation or your abilities to other people. This workshop will enable participants to feel confident that they will be able to deal with difficult customers and difficult situations. • Understand why the customer is complaining. • Recognize how the customer approaches you. • Deal with your own emotions; learn to keep yourself in control. • Ask relevant questions. • Listen and have eye contact with the customer. • Properly deal with customer’s anger. • Analyse the problem. • Propose a solution. • Proceed with a follow up or check-up. • Make sure to learn a lesson from the whole experience. more infoBecome a more effective contributor to the strategic debate, and more influential in contributing to your organisation’s strategic goals. Develop the concepts of strategic thinking and understand the necessity for every organisation to have a goal, a direction and a plan that will take them there. When Christopher Columbus set sail in the 15th Century he didn't really know where he was going. When he got there (The Americas) he didn't know where he was, and when he returned he didn't know where he had been. This is the historical equivalent of an organisation without a strategy, which in today’s economic climate seldom works out quite so well as it did for the famous explorer. The Charity Training Services Strategy courses will give you the tools and the know how to assess your current organisation and be able to devise a road-map to future success in line with your own goals, mission aspirations. more info

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